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Consistency. Control. Confidence. Your calligraphy is about to transform. 

Yearning to take your pointed-pen skills to the next level? Ink it out with our Calligraphy Practice Plan 1.0 & 2.0 

Ours is the only at-home practice program to transform your calligraphy from sloppy to smooth, erratic to consistent, and clumsy to fluid. That's right! It's all online so you can access the courses from anywhere you can hop onto the internet.

Get ready for the strategies, techniques, tools and guidance you need to level-up as the calligrapher you've always aspired to be. You can join us at either level for five weeks or commit to a full 11 weeks of pointed pen practice to truly accelerate in the art.  

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Meet your instructors

Hey there! We’re Laura Hooper and Alyssa Hooper, the sisters and business partners behind Laura Hooper Calligraphy. Laura is a full-time, professional calligrapher with over 18 years of experience. Alyssa heads the daily logistics that power LHC. Together, we've taught over 7,500 aspiring calligraphers the art of modern calligraphy at our in-person workshops, and over 10,500 via our starter kit and video tutorial, and we're thrilled to offer these online courses to kick your calligraphy skills up a notch.  


Our work and educational resources have been seen in...

Who is the Calligraphy Practice Plan for? (Hey calligrapher, I'm talking to you! )

beginner calligraphers If you’ve purchased a calligraphy starter kit; if you’ve attended a beginner workshop; if you’ve taught yourself the basics of calligraphy; if you've taken our 5-day challenge — this one-of-a-kind course is the next step in your calligraphy journey. 

experienced calligraphers Even after 20 years of experience with the art, I still find practicing my skills to be vital to continued growth as a calligrapher. This program will give you the time and space you need to expertly hone your craft. The journey continues!

We've found that consistent, repetitive practice is the #1 solution to bridge the gap between novice calligrapher and confident, skilled calligrapher. Only your personal practice can get you there. We'll give you the plan, drills and professional guidance to make it happen.Whether you join us for CPP 1.0 or 2.0...or hop into both courses, we've got you covered at any level.

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There are three options to join us this Fall

Calligraphy Practice Plan 1.0 September 1 - October 5 

- 5 weeks of guided practice Half the battle is trying to figure out what to practice on your own, and scheduling the time for it in your already busy life. We'll guide you through a step-by-step plan proven to impart our students with skill, poise and confidence. 

- 49 practice drills & professional videos Yes, 49! We don’t mess around. Each week is designed to build off of the previous week, so you’ll see real results in your own work each passing week. Every drill is accompanied with a multi-angled video — including side-view and overhead-view — of me demonstrating EXACTLY how to do it. By Week 5, you will be a different calligrapher.  

- An original LHC practice Plan PDF workbook The 127-page PDF workbook includes all 49 practice drills and a calendar to help you map out your practice, as well as some general tips on how to keep up with your calligraphy practice long after the course ends. Every drill includes a half page of traceables, a full page of traceables + a blank lined page for venturing out on your own. *You will also have the option to purchase the workbook pre-printed for you on calligraphy paper.*  

- 1 Live webinar We're an open book. You come ready with your questions so far in the course, and we’ll personally answer in great detail. We hold nothing back when giving you our BEST tools and tricks of the trade. 

-A bonus video of Laura detailing her daily set-up for her very own calligraphy practice Just for fun, we threw in a video of me detailing my own calligraphy practice prep. I’ll demo proper posture for practicing, setting up your workspace, prepping your tools and how to strategically set up your workspace for success. 

- LIFETIME workbook and video access That’s right! You can access them anytime, anywhere…for all time. You’ll receive limitless access to the 5-week course and all of its contents anywhere that you can access the internet! 

Calligraphy Practice Plan 2.0 October 13 - November 16 

- 5 weeks of guided practice We'll guide you through five more weeks of dedicated, consistent practice but will take things up a notch with more advanced exercises and techniques. If you're already completely comfortable and confident with the tools of pointed pen calligraphy, this "next step" course is for you.  

- 44 practice exercises & professional videos This course builds off of CPP 1.0 & includes more advanced drill patterns and letter applications. We'll cover consistency, flourishing, and cross drills {all with traceable worksheets!} & finish up with centering exercises, envelope addressing and line spacing. Every week includes video of me demonstrating each and every exercise. You won't believe your improvement after Week 5 {or 11 if you join us for both...highly recommended!}.

- An original LHC Practice Plan PDF workbook The 128-page PDF workbook includes all 44 practice drills and a calendar to help you map out your practice, as well as some general tips on how to keep up with your calligraphy practice long after the course ends. Every exercise and drill includes traceables. You can download the worksheets as many times as you need. *You will also have the option to purchase the workbook pre-printed for you on calligraphy paper.*

 - 1 Live webinar While you can ask questions throughout the course inside the classroom portal, a live webinar is a great chance for "face-to-face" Q&A. Come prepared with any & all questions!

-A bonus video of Laura detailing her daily set-up for her very own calligraphy practice Did you know that how you sit at your desk makes a big difference in your calligraphy work? CPP 2.0 includes the same bonus video as CPP 1.0 to make sure you're set-up for success.  

- LIFETIME workbook and video access Yep! Just like CPP 1.0, you can access the videos anytime, anywhere…for all time. You’ll receive limitless access to the 5-week course and all of its contents {videos + downloads} anywhere that you can access the web.  

Enroll in BOTH Calligraphy Practice Plan 1.0 & 2.0 September 1 - November 16 You'll recieve everything mentioned above with a one week break in between at a special discounted rate on the bundle for both programs. You'll have the opportunity to work through both programs, week-by-week, for 11 weeks of dedicated calligraphy practice. There is no better way to take your skills to the next level and gain confidence in the art. 

Enrollment for both courses closes on August 26 & will be closed for the remainder of 2019!!  

enroll for the option that works best for you!

Sign up now! Enrollment for both courses closes on August 26 & will be closed for the remainder of 2019!

Enroll for CPP 1.0: September 1 - October 5 OR CPP 2.0: October 13 - November 16 OR join us for both.

Course investment: CPP 1.0 = $299 or CPP 2.0 = $299 Bundle both 1.0 & 2.0 = $475 {$123 savings!} Enrollment closes August 26

Here's a preview of what will be covered during the Calligraphy Practice Plan Fall semester...

CPP 1.0: Week 1: Loop patterns You'll start out on different spacing variations and consistency, while alternating between loops and points. Includes: 9 drill exercises + letter applications

Week 2: Building the compound curve An essential stroke to the proper formation of many letters. You'll work on spacing, consistency and writing flow. You will also cover some of the many letters that include the compound curve. Includes: 6 drill exercises + letter applications 

Week 3: Direct & indirect oval shapes These are fundamental shapes to many alphabets, such as Copperplate, focusing on spacing and shading consistency. Includes: 6 drill exercises + letter applications + words  

Week 4: The difference between squaring and tapering & methods to achieve them: These are important skills for all letters as they vary between fine hairlines and the thicker shading. Includes: 8 drills exercises + letter applications 

Week 5: Basic flourishing patterns and techniques: You'll use a variety of drills to help achieve smooth, unforced flourishes, as well as applications to an assortment of letters. Includes: 8 drill exercises + letter applications

{Break + Catch-up Week: October 6-12} 

CPP 2.0: Week 1: Movement and pen control You'll start out with worksheets for basic consistency exercises. We'll be getting warmed up and more comfortable with using the pointed-pen for a variety of excercises for hand, arm & combination movement. Includes: 5 drill exercises  

Week 2: Flourishing drills part 1 Starting with a movement drill, this week will build up from basic to more difficult capital stem shapes and how they apply to letters. Includes entry stroke & direct ovals drills. Includes: 13 drill exercises + letter applications

Week 3: Flourishing drills part 2 Continuing from Week 2, this week will cover mulitple ways to end letters & words from simple to more intense. Covers flourishing for both ascending and descending letters. Includes: 8 exercises + letter applications + small words

Week 4: Cross drills All about the cross drill. Provides tracing for mulitple letter combinations and word exercises. These exercises focus on improving spacing between the letters in your words and working on your parallel lines. Includes: 12 exercises + words 

Week 5: Spacing and centering One of the most common topics we receive questions about is spacing and centering, and specifically how it relates to envelope work. We've developed three unique exercises to work on centering, envelope layout spacing and interlinear spacing. If you've wondered about how Laura centers mailing addresses without drawing lines, this will show you how. Includes: 4 exercises + envelope applications

So what will this Calligraphy Practice Plan program actually do for you? Hear from our past students on why they loved the Calligraphy Practice Plan

"Taking time to work ON your skill and not in your skill is key to keep advancing."

Learning calligraphy on my own 4 years ago was a challenge, let's be very honest. I dove right into envelope orders and really haven't looked up since. My skills improved, yes, but I lacked the fundamental beginnings and drills that calligraphers have access to today! 

Following the Calligraphy Practice Plan showed IMMEDIATE results in my consistency, shapes and the overall look of my work. Taking time to work ON your skill and not in your skill is key to keep advancing. I'm planning on revisiting the course again this year to try and improve even more. – Anna St. Blanc 

"It's perfect for beginners as well as for professional, experienced calligraphers."

The Calligraphy Practice Plan is SO well thought out and so thorough — it's perfect for beginners (like myself), as well as for professional, experienced calligraphers. I have referred back to my practice sheets dozens of times since the course ended, and I often print out new sheets to use for continued practice — especially the sheets with the ovals and the flourishes. It's given me the confidence to one day step out and start a little business of my own! – Brent Freeman Beasley  

"It's definitely worth the investment."

I worked through the instructional book included in the starter kit, and then joined the 5-day practice challenge. That challenge got me hooked and when they offered the full 5-week practice plan, I knew I needed to sign up right away.  

The improvement I saw over the five weeks was noticeable and motivating. The consistent, self-scheduled practice really helped me develop the muscle memory. I am now able to sit down and use the drills as a warm up before starting on a project.

The quality of the material, knowledge, and resources supplied during the five weeks was outstanding and definitely worth the investment if you are willing to put in a little time to see great improvement in your calligraphy skills. – Stephanie Marie


"My downstrokes are more consistent and how I hold and move the pen is much more fluid"

I've learned that consistent practice (on drills, not letters) makes a huge improvement on letters — my upstrokes are less shaky (less splatter), my downstrokes are more consistent (less ink blobbing) and overall how I hold and move the pen is much more fluid. – Jennifer Duran

"The rewards come surprisingly quickly."

Since the Practice Plan (and Practice Challenge) emphasized the idea of doing drills and repetition before moving on to all the fancy words, it has shaped the way I approach learning an alphabet. I was working an alphabet shortly after finishing the practice plan and I was struggling with one of the key shapes used in making many of the letters.

Instead of getting frustrated I printed out a ton of blank sheets, reordered the letters based on the shapes and repeated each one over and over again until I eventually got it! I really appreciate the emphasis on drills because it makes us realize that there's no shame in repetition and the rewards come surprisingly quickly. – Kristina Tsai  

Got questions?

We've got answers!

What is the time commitment?  

This is a self-paced 5 to 11-week course, depending on the option in which you choose to invest. When you sign up you will have access to the introductory page for the course(s) you purchase that includes a supply list, workbook download(s), and guidelines for how best to schedule your practice sessions. You will receive each week's content on the Sunday of each week from September 1 - November 16. You will want to dedicate a couple hours each week to your drills, but how you map out your calendar is up to you & we guide you through this in the course workbook. 

CPP 1.0 will run "live" (i.e. the content is released week-by-week, we will hold a live webinar & be available for all questions within the course) September 1 - October 5, there will be a break/catchup week and then CPP 2.0 will run live October 13-November 16.  

Now isn't a good time for me to invest in my skill. Can I enroll in these courses later?  

We are running a pre-sale from July 18-22 and then the investment will increase & the bonuses disappear, but you can still enroll through August 26. After August 26, doors will close on both courses for at least the rest of 2019. While CPP 1.0 has been open for enrollment at anytime, it will be closed for the duration of this Fall semester and the remainder of 2019.

What is the difference between CPP 1.0 & 2.0?  

Each course contains different drills geared towards mastering different techniques. There is no drill cross over between the two programs. While CPP 1.0 was created to help our students improve their pen control techniques - essentially learning how to make your pen/nib do what you want it to do. CPP 2.0 builds off of CPP 1.0 with more advanced exercises and applications. If you have not already taken CPP 1.0, we recommend starting there, unless you can consistently create both a fine hairline and heavy swell in all directions, you never experience your nib catching in your paper, you don't have trouble with ink blobs or running out of ink too frequently, and you are completely comfortable trouble-shooting on your own when any issues do arise

I already have experience with pointed-pen, should I start with 1.0 or 2.0? 

If you have not yet taken CPP 1.0, we recommend taking advantage of the bundle pricing and getting both programs, even if you can't commit to the full 11 weeks that the courses will run live. CPP 2.0 builds off of 1.0 and includes drills that are beneficial for calligraphers at any stage in their journey with the art. If you can consistently create both a light line and heavy swell in all directions, you never experience your nib catching in your paper, don't have trouble with ink blobs or running out of ink too frequently, and are completely comfortable trouble-shooting on your own when any issues do arise, then CPP 2.0 would be an appropriate place to start in the program.

 I've already taken CPP 1.0. Can I still get the bundled rate? Can I take 1.0 again live?  

Yes! You should have received an email with the option to opt-into CPP 1.0 as well as a coupon code to purchase CPP 2.0 at half of the bundled rate, so be sure to check your Spam folder if you didn't see the emails and then reach out to hello [at] if you still don't see it and we can send you the coupon code. We do recommend opting-in to the live running of CPP 1.0 to truly take advantage of this full Fall "semester" of calligraphy practice! Accountability is key.

Is this just for beginner calligraphers? 

No! Calligraphy practice is vital at any stage in your calligraphy journey. In fact if you ARE an experienced, professional calligrapher, this plan is a great opportunity to step away from the envelope orders and go back to the basics. We’ve taught many experienced calligraphers who needed guidance on what to practice, and how to calendar dedicated practice into their schedule. It’s useful for everyone to go back to basics every now and then!

I don’t know how to do calligraphy, is this right for me? 

The Calligraphy Practice Plan does not teach the art of pointed-pen calligraphy. We do not cover prepping your tools or how to use them in either version. If you have zero experience in the art of pointed-pen, we highly recommend our starter kit + video tutorial found here. We have a weeklong gap between the very end of the enrollment period and the official start of the course, to allow enough time to gather your supplies and explore the art if you haven’t already. 

How can this practice plan help me start a calligraphy business of my own? 

Having confidence in your work is one of the cornerstones of starting your own calligraphy business. It is the foundation for pricing yourself correctly. Proficiency in the art will allow you to work quickly and beautifully to best serve your clients, and command the pricing necessary to earn a living as a calligrapher.

Will this Practice Plan help me in my already thriving calligraphy business?

It is always beneficial to get back to basics, and there is always more to learn. You might learn a time-saving strategy during the course, or you may gain the confidence to learn a new script and expand your offerings to your clients. I (Laura) consider myself a thriving calligraphy business owner, and I still practice regularly and take online courses whenever I can.  

I changed my mind, can I get a refund?

The Calligraphy Practice Plan course (as with all of our educational products) is non-refundable. Due to the proprietary nature of the information shared, we do not offer refunds. However, you have indefinite access to the course, so you can take it at any time, as many times as you'd like! We appreciate your understanding.

What if the dates don’t match up for my schedule? Can I access this later? 

Yes, you will receive lifetime access to the content of whichever course you purchase {or both if you grab the discounted bundle!}. The content will be released week-by-week from September 1 - November 16, but after November 16, you will have access to all of the content at any time.  

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