March 8th - April 25th

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Learn the timeless beauty of the Spencerian script from anywhere in the world.

What is Spencerian?

The Spencerian script itself was formally developed by Platt Rogers Spencer around 1840. It was taught after that in business colleges during the Golden Age of Penmanship from 1850-1925. It has resulted in some of the most elaborate forms of penmanship ever seen.  

 In this 7-week online course, we’ll cover the unique muscular movements, posture and proper preparations before moving into a study of both the lower case minuscules and the more elaborate upper case majuscules that make up this beautiful calligraphic hand!  

You could invest thousands of dollars traveling around the world to in-person conferences & workshops {I’ve personally invested over $5,000 training in Spencerian the past few years} to learn this script style, but I’ve done the legwork for you & streamlined this fundamental instruction through our 7-week online course.  

Meet your instructor, Laura Hooper

Laura Hooper, the owner and calligrapher behind Laura Hooper Calligraphy, is a professional calligrapher with over 18 years of experience working with clients. Along with her sister, Alyssa Law, Laura has taught over 7,000 aspiring calligraphers the art of modern calligraphy at our in-person workshops, and over 10,000 via their starter kit and video tutorial. She is certified to teach American Cursive Handwriting and has trained with three Master Penman to date in Spencerian and American Cursive. She’s thrilled to offer this 7-week online study of Spencerian to help bring this traditional script style to more modern calligraphers.

Her work and educational resources have been seen in...

Who is this course for? 

Beginner & experienced calligraphers who want to learn this more traditional, pointed-pen script style {psst! Wedding calligraphers...stand out from the crowd in the oversaturated modern calligraphy wedding market!} through an expertly-guided online course. You will receive indefinite access, anywhere in the world, allowing you to work at your own pace and convenience. We get happens!

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What you’ll get when you enroll in Spencerian for Beginners: 

  • 7 weeks of online Spencerian training. This course is broken down into modules that build off of one another & also incorporates built in practice and “catch-up” time, so that every student can keep up with the course materials & see real results each passing week. Homework assignments will keep you on task in your progression with the Spencerian script, and the lifetime access allows you to revisit lessons again and again as you improve your technique and skills.  
  • Video demonstration of all drills and letterforms, upper and lower case. Every drill & letter is accompanied with a multi-angled video — including side-view and overhead-view — of Laura demonstrating EXACTLY how to do it. You receive indefinite access to all videos and can pause, play, repeat as many times as you need, indefinitely.  

  • A Spencerian Course Curriculum PDF Download. Our 160+ page workbook includes all instructions, diagrams and traceables for the course. Every drill & letter includes a full page of traceables. Option to purchase the workbook pages {including the additional homework sheets} pre-printed on calligraphy quality paper & we do ship worldwide.  
  • Homework Packet PDF Download. An additional 50 pages of homework exercises to complete at the end of each week to reinforce the techniques covered that week. Combined with the course curriculum download, there are over 200 sheets total of instruction and exercises. This is accessed via a PDF download for printing at-home making this course ideal for students all around the world. Option to add-on 5 private Skype sessions for personal video review/demonstrative critique with Laura.  
  • 2 live group webinars. Live group webinars to have your questions answered in real-time. We will cover the materials from the previous weeks and answer any lingering questions. If you miss a webinar, they will be uploaded into the classroom portal for future viewing & you can re-watch them again and again as you work through the course.
  • LIFETIME workbook and video access. That’s right! You can access them anytime, anywhere… For all time. You’ll receive limitless access to the 7-week course once completed and all of its contents anywhere that you can access the internet! <3
enroll now!

Registration includes: • Lifetime access to our 7-week course that can be accessed anywhere you have connection to the internet, making this ideal for both US and international lerners • Lifetime access to over 160 pages of downloadable instruction & traceable worksheets to work through following the video demonstrations • Lifetime access to 50 pages of downloadable homework assignments to reinforce the techniques covered each week • Course investment $699  

Don't delay, registration closes at 11:59pm EST on March 2 and will not reopen for the rest of 2020. Even if you can't join us in March/April, you should register now if you're looking to learn Spencerian script anytime this year!

So what will this course actually do for you? Hear from our past students on why they loved Spencerian for Beginners.

"You will be surprised by how much your calligraphy skills improve after taking this course.”

Beginner Spencerian is a wonderful course for those who want to improve their calligraphy while learning this beautiful script. You are able to learn at your own pace with Laura’s feedback and encouragement leading you through. The course is comprehensive and provides numerous traceables which are an invaluable source to help you improve your muscle memory. You will be surprised by how much your calligraphy skills improve after taking this course. - Kalaya W.

"I've learned so much about the letter formation of the lovely letters I enjoy making and love the way you teach."

Just wanted to pop in to say how fun and complete this course has been. I have loved (and continue to love) every minute of it - thanks so much for offering this great class. I was one of the many who couldn't wait to you to offer Spencerian. Though I'm more a handwriting student than pointed pen, I've learned so much about the letter formation of the lovely letters I enjoy making and love the way you teach. Both of you lovely ladies have a way with teaching both in person and online that makes things clear. Every "i" dotted and "t" crossed in your classes! - Sharon S.

"There is so much information in this class. It is well-organized, easy to follow, and even after practicing for 5 years, I learned so many new techniques."

I’m LOVING the course! The break weeks are wonderful—perfect if you’re a parent, working full time (or both!) and looking to still squeeze in some time to learn a new skill. The breaks are scheduled at the right times. I also appreciate both Laura & Alyssa's prompt responses to any questions, and feedback on homework. There is so much information in this class. It is well-organized, easy to follow, and even after practicing for 5 years, I learned so many new techniques. - Cali O.

"It’s not always easy to travel for workshops, so this online course has been great."

I live in Costa Rica and it’s not always easy to travel for workshops, so this online course has been great. The workbook and the way you’ve guided us through the letters individually has been really valuable. I had NO idea how to write Spencerian, but this has given me a great base. Although I still have a long way to go, I feel good about this beginning! I also feel that this somehow has helped me improve my everyday calligraphy! Thank you so much and I look forward to taking more workshops from you, in Spencerian or other styles." - Aurora C.

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Here's a preview of what will be covered in our 7-week Spencerian for Beginners online course...

Week 1: March 8-14 Module 1: Fundamentals and Drill Introduction We’ll get started with learning what tools are best for Spencerian as well as delve into the muscular movement needed to write in this style. Included: geometric drills, organic drills, letter chains and cross drills {pssttt! If you struggle with letter spacing, the cross drills are for you!} 

Week 2: March 15-21 Module 2: Lowercase letters Part 1 (small letters) Did you know, 95% of what we write is lower case letters? We will start with an in-depth look at the minuscules as we start to move through the letter groups in detail. Included: short letters. 

Week 3: March 22-28 Practice Week/Catch-up 

Week 4: March 29-April 4 Module 3: Lowercase letters Part 2 Because one week just isn’t enough to cover all the lowercases! We’ll finish up our miniscule groups. Included: extended letters and semi extended letters. 

Week 5: April 5-11 Module 4: Uppercase letters Part 1 We will start learning the three basic groupings of uppercase letters - Capital Stem, Direct Oval & Compound Curve letters. Included: drills + uppercase letter groups. 

Week 6: April 12-18 Practice Week/Catch-up  

Week 7 : April 19-25 Module 5 - Uppercase letters Part 2 We’ll finish up with the capitals, and some of my favorite variations, and then move on to numbers. After that, we’ll touch on composition writing (combining our majuscules with the lowercases) so you can get used to actually writing in this beautiful form of penmanship! Included: upper letter groups + letter composition  

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Can't join us LIVE March 8-April 25? 

NO problem! This is the perfect course for you. Once you purchase this course, you get it for life. It is entirely housed within our online education portal – So you can also join us from ANYWHERE in the world, ANYTIME that is convenient for you.  

Got questions?

We've got answers!

What is the time commitment?  

This is a self-paced 7-week course. While the live webinars will occur during the specified weeks listed, you can work your way through the course at any time, indefinitely. It is important to keep in mind that calligraphy is an ongoing learning process, and you will not “master” this script (or calligraphy in general!) in seven weeks. By completing our course, you will have a strong foundation for continued personal learning that will be supported by revisiting the course materials over and over, well beyond the initial seven weeks of instruction. 

Do you offer payment plans?  

Yes! Please email us for information on available payment plan options.

I don’t live in the United States. Can I still take this course? 

Yes! This course is 100% online, so you can access the videos and materials from anywhere in the world that you have access to the internet. The worksheets are delivered via PDF download to be self-printed on calligraphy quality paper {or you can purchase the optional printed workbook - we ship worldwide with a standard flat rate, so you can stock up on your favorite supplies, too!}.  

I don’t know how to do calligraphy, is this right for me? 

Spencerian for Beginners is not a beginner class in pointed-pen calligraphy. We do not cover how to use the tools of pointed-pen in detail for beginners, though we do start with a review of fundamentals. If you have zero experience in the art of pointed-pen, we highly recommend our starter kit + video tutorial, before you invest in this course. If you know how to use an oblique calligraphy pen to successfully create thick and thin lines, then this class is for you!

I already know how to do calligraphy. Will this help me in my skills and/or existing business? 

It is extremely beneficial to learn the more technical aspects of traditional calligraphy scripts. Learning Spencerian will improve your skill level all around (even with your more modern work!) and elevate your work and calligraphy business as a whole - I know it did for me! Not to mention that my Spencerian style has been the most requested script style for our custom wedding clients in the past year. Offering at least one more traditional style will help you stand out in the oversaturated modern calligraphy wedding market.

I changed my mind, can I get a refund?

The Spencerian for Beginners course (as with all of our educational products) is non-refundable. Due to the proprietary nature of the information shared, once access is granted, which happens immediately upon purchase, we do not offer refunds. However, you have indefinite access to the course, so you can take it at any time, as many times as you'd like! We appreciate your understanding. 

What if the dates don’t match up for my schedule? Can I access this later? 

Yes, you will receive lifetime access to the contents of this 7-week course. Even if you can't participate now, we always recommend purchasing as soon as you know you'd like to learn the script, as the pricing increases with each run of the course.

What tools will I need & are they included in the course? 

This is an online course, so no physical tools are included. You can use tools you already own, but for the best results, we provide a list of recommended supplies. You’ll need calligraphy quality paper to print the workbook, an oblique calligraphy pen, your choice of pointed-pen nibs and calligraphy ink. We offer the physical workbook as an optional add-on, along with our recommend pen holder, nibs & ink. We have flat rate shipping both within the US as well as worldwide. Our physical workbook is printed on calligraphy quality paper and takes the guesswork out of printing the 148+ page PDF download.  

Spencerian for Beginners 

Registration closes at 11:59pm EST on March 2 and will not reopen for the rest of 2020.